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what is our coummunity about?
We are the team of IT professionals with years and years of experience on International and Ukrainian markets. We are united by mutual respect, independent approach to the market and focus on the profit that our customers make. Having all this above said we still keep a strong wish to work as one team.
The first priority of ours is a long term contract on the interesting project. In other words we talk here the contract and NDA signed on the personal basis. In this case our site provides the virtual office to serve as a reporting facility only and stays transparent for the end customer. Yet here we are.
And those of us who gets to work on couple of hours per day projects always available for more serious commitment. Eventually they may switch entirely to a long term commitment though we do keep interests of all our clients at highest respect. Ideally we call ourselves a freelancer community set on the highly practical policies of serving you best.
We work for you.